Slideshare evening : Thursday 25 April, 2013

Venue : Lightgallery 5a Porchester Place, London W2 2BS   7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Once again, we will be hosting another SlideShare evening. Moran Sheleg, art historian, will be sharing her knowledge from her current research revolving around the relationship between figuration and abstraction in painting after the advent of photography. She will touch on art theory, the historical relationship between photography and painting, and the use of the photographic medium as an artistic tool. This is an invaluable insight for photographers into what role aesthetics play in photography. 

We introduce London based freelance  photographer Karolina Webb who will be presenting a series of images titled Mind’s Eye/ Lens’s Eye.

All welcome to this evening, we would love to meet you. As per usual we run a voluntary £5.00 per person collection for the evening.


Moran Sheleg

struth copy

© Thomas Struth, 1989

Moran Sheleg is an art historian based in London. After graduating with a Starred First-class honours degree in the History of Art from the University of York (2009), Moran continued her studies at Cambridge (MPhil, 2010) and UCL (MA, 2012) and has since worked as a researcher in galleries and institutions such as the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture.

With specialisms in 17th-century Dutch painting, Modernist European art, and American art of the 1960s, her current research revolves around the relationship between figuration and abstraction in painting after the advent of photography. Other areas of interest include art theory, the historiography of art history as a discipline, and the philosophy of aesthetics.

Currently en route to PhD study, Moran continues to write about work that catches her eye and imagination, both professionally and for pleasure, within and beyond the academic world. Keen to spread her lifelong wonder and passion for art, she is involved in ongoing educational projects that aim to widen knowledge of and engagement with visual art and its histories.


Karolina Webb

People are beautiful and ugly, constant and capricious, mobile and sedate. more often than not they are all these thing simultaneously and quite possibly never recognise in themselves which of these traits are most dominant to others. The human form- particularly the human face, is the canvas over which these tumultuous contradictions are daubed. As a portrait photographer, it is my job to capture in a moment the facets of a personality that could take a lifetime to recognise personally or socially- this is the challenge.

mind's eye_ lense-eye

If you have ever unblinkingly and intensely stared- and I mean really stared- into a mirror for a few minutes your own reflection will morph into something unfamiliar and alien. “Is this,” you wonder “the me that you see?”. Herein lies the essence of a good photographic portrait: an image that describes the subject as I see them but which does not undermine the “me” that they see. ~ KW


Karolina is a London-based freelance photographer. While she predominately takes on private commissions- children’s portraits, family shots etc. a large part of her work is photographing authors for their book jackets and publicity material for clients such as publishing house Harper Collins and literary agency Greene & Heaton.

She is currently working on a long term project with a ballet school, photographing the young ballerinas in training as well as documenting performances staged by children’s hospice charity, The Maternik Foundation.

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