Musicians from La Bodeguita del Medio, Havana 2011 What great news to end 2014, hopefully to be passed by Congress. USA will begin normalisation talks with Cuba following over 50 years of sanctions in trade and diplomatic relations. We went there as a photography workshop group in 2011 and found the Cubans to be warm … Continue reading USA – CUBA


My first impressions of Havana upon our arrival was how incredibly luminous the light was, striking the crumbly old buildings obliquely at sunset, and attenuating the deeply faded yellow, and brown stone painted facades. It had been a journey well worth it in coming to an island so close to the the USA, and yet … Continue reading MY CUBA

CUBA series : Yank Tanks

No photography trip to Cuba would be complete unless there are some photographs of old American cars, one of the main attractions of Havana. Chevys, Fords, Lincolns, Cadillacs and various other forms still continue to roam the streets despite some of these machines having gone way past their sell-by dates. We came across some fully … Continue reading CUBA series : Yank Tanks

CUBA series : Cubanos by Andy Craggs

At the dancehall, Cienfuegos, Cuba © Andy Craggs, 2011 Andy decided to tint a series of portraits in selenium to create a moody and enigmatic feel for his ‘Cubanos’ subjects to avoid being derivative. He photographed mainly with a 80mm F1.2 Nikkor AI manual lens on his D3 body, providing incredible small depth of field, … Continue reading CUBA series : Cubanos by Andy Craggs

CUBA : MALECÓN series no.4

Photo © Bruno Couck 2011 The fourth instalment in the Malecon series comes from Bruno Couck. Bruno typically photographs architecture and abstracts, and is beginning to enjoy street portraits and close quarter photography in a new light in the streets of Havana. “Shooting in low light conditions favours blurred images, which in turn give a … Continue reading CUBA : MALECÓN series no.4

CUBA : MALECÓN series no.3

Photo © Steven Lee 2011 The Malecon intrigued me somewhat, after seeing many photographs by well-known photographers in the past, and now that I was finally arriving on this ‘hallowed’ stretch of concrete I was excitedly keen to make some images that, for a first visit, meant something greater for me than mere snaps. It … Continue reading CUBA : MALECÓN series no.3

CUBA : MALECÓN series no.2

Photo © Keng Fun Loh 2011 Another take of the Malecon series by Keng Fun Loh sees a totally different and rather voyeuristic approach. Fun simply decided to shoot in available light (which in some parts wasn’t available at all!) composing a shot every 6 paces along, at a fixed distance away from the sea … Continue reading CUBA : MALECÓN series no.2

CUBA : The MALECÓN series no.1

Photo © Ivy Tan 2011 The Habaneros love the Malecon, which is an 8km walkway, promenade, esplanade, seawall (call it what you want) on Havana Bay, stretching from Old Havana and its rickety port, along New Havana with its belle-epoque buildings, and 60’s style iconic beach hotels right up to the Vedado area, where souless … Continue reading CUBA : The MALECÓN series no.1


  Literally having just got back from a 12-day photography tour to Cuba, I am posting this teaser to what is promised to be, a series of simply amazing and stunning photography posts that will come from our workshop participants over the next few days and weeks. I can sense computers whirring, frantic downloading, editing, … Continue reading CUBA : A NATION IN TRANSITION