Cuba, Here We Come!

In a couple of days, we will begin our 12-Day photo travel workshop in Cuba. We are both really looking forward to this destination, and the assault on our senses from the nation’s people, sights and sounds. We will be traveling with a a group 7 participants in all. Updates here…

Personal Photography Assignment : Cuba Libre!

During our forthcoming Cuba workshop in June, we are raising the bar for our participants and asking each photographer to identify a project to complete while on tour. A theme that reflects a specific interest that you may have identified and researched.  Allowing ample opportunity and time to do so, would greatly help in your … Continue reading Personal Photography Assignment : Cuba Libre!

Return to Tuscany

After much deliberation and planning, and several requests recently, I have decided to plan another Explorenation World Travel Photography and Workshop in 2019 to celebrate its 10th anniversary! Our first ever tour was in April 2009, just over ten years ago where we visited Sarawak in northern Borneo, which was quickly followed by city trips to … Continue reading Return to Tuscany


Well, Obama shook hands with Castro in Havana today. The US national anthem is played over and over in front of José Martí’s memorial in Independence square. Historic day indeed, as President Obama is the first US president to set foot in Cuba since 1928. The people of Cuba long for a better life with … Continue reading Normalisation

LookBack – Old Havana, 2011

  I have been searching for some notable images recently on my archive and as usual, had a good look at the Cuba images from one of the explorenation workshops we ran in the Summer 2011. These stood out for me worthy of a review. They was taken in Old Havana, in a dodgy looking side … Continue reading LookBack – Old Havana, 2011

LookBack : Couple, Malecón

Couple, Malecón, Havana, 2011 Reviewing my archive of images taken at our workshop in Cuba in 2011 recently, I came across this lovely picture of a couple hanging out on the Malecón, the definitive seafront esplanade where thousands of Cubans gather every evening to chill, play music, drink and be seen. I love to revisit … Continue reading LookBack : Couple, Malecón

A mice, a snail and a unicorn.

The last day of the Carnevale saw all manners of characters and costumes being paraded around the small narrow streets, alleys, campos and piazas of Venice. We encountered Luke Skywalker and his light sabre, a bunch of Storm Troopers, some jolly Havaiana flips flops, some talking bowling pins, several Captain Jack Sparrows,a walking shower,  a … Continue reading A mice, a snail and a unicorn.

2011: My Best Shots – Review and Reflect

 As 2011 draw to a close, I have trawled through my archive of close to one thousand photographs made over the last 12 months to see if I could identify the most memorable ones, the best ones or the most striking images. Call them keepers, significant images or gems, whatever, these are the 15 photographs … Continue reading 2011: My Best Shots – Review and Reflect

November Alumni Exhibition : All welcome! welcome all to their 2nd Alumni exhibition of selected photographs in London. Presenting the photographs of 10 alumni members from the 2010/11 photography workshops held in Rajasthan, Cuba, Istanbul and personal works. The alumni members participating in this exhibition are : Bruno Couck (Belgium) David Pearl (UK) Fernando Perez (Spain) Franco Pagnoni (Italy) … Continue reading November Alumni Exhibition : All welcome!

Explorenation is 3 years old!

Dear Friends of Explorenation Cheers! To celebrate our 3rd year, some of us are heading down to Bordeaux this week for a long weekend of touring the wine country, and sampling its produce! There will also be some photography… Thank you for another great year of inspiring photography workshops.  Over the last 21 months we … Continue reading Explorenation is 3 years old!