Documentary Photography Masterclass


I will be teaching a 1-Day Masterclass in Documentary Photography at the City Academy on Saturday, 18 October at the Actors Centre in Soho, Covent Garden, London. As it is only a full day class, we will have run through some basic concepts, and story-telling tips, with a strong emphasis on current affairs and social issues in London.

This 1-Day course is more suited to those having completed the Level 2 Shoot to a Brief course or more advanced photographers.

More info and booking link here

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Today, about 15,000  people marched from 10 Downing Street to Kensington, where the Israeli Embassy is located in London. Women, children, young and old, Muslims, non-Muslims, white, black, asians, Jews even, people in wheelchairs, prams and strollers, rich and poor walked 3and a half miles in 30C heat to protest. Taking sides in this decades old conflict is pretty useless today. Both sides have issues. The rally today was organised by STOP THE WAR coalition of NGOs, but somehow or rather, the Socialist Workers always get their foot into these events.














Save Gaza rally, Hyde Park, 2009

Which brings me to this. I joined and supported the very same protest in 2009, January, when it was butt freezing, in Hyde Park. See, nothing about this conflict has progress, year in year out. It isn’t going to change a thing. More on the 2009 event here. I think I prefer the 2009 pictures.