LookBack – Old Havana, 2011




I have been searching for some notable images recently on my archive and as usual, had a good look at the Cuba images from one of the explorenation workshops we ran in the Summer 2011. These stood out for me worthy of a review. They was taken in Old Havana, in a dodgy looking side street around 8pm. Old Havana is like some typical Spanish city, but about 60 years behind. Amazing pre-war architectural, ornate windows, but totally derelict, and in need of regeneration. Sodium vapour lamps casts monochromatic orange hues onto street surfaces, Yank Tanks and children playing football. This picture was taken inside one of these buildings, and was our destination for the evening. It houses a very well-known restaurant  La Guarida (state-run, of course, like every business in Cuba) but totally Western in concept, taste and  even the grungy style added to it’s charm. We hope to make another trip back soon, hasta la vista Cuba.


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Commonscapes 9

_R002388I got lucky – Bluegates Pond, Wimbledon Common

Being the warmest day so far this year, I took a walk, dog in tow, along Wimbledon Parkside just as the sun was setting today. I sat on the lakeside on a huge tree trunk and got off a few shots of this pond at dusk. A few minutes later several geese and some ducks swam towards me. This one goose started to flap it’s wings at me, and I got off a few more with the little Ricoh on continuous. This was the best pic out of the lot.

Poujols by Pascal Lapierre, 2002


In 2002, I exchanged prints with a fellow French photographer from a photo blog. It was pretty much the first time I had ‘purchased’ a print without parting with any cash. The photographer was Pascal Lapierre from Annecy who actually got in touch with me and asked if I would like  to exchange one of my Parisien photos with any of his. I chose this one (above) from his website titled ‘Poujols’ of a mother and child twirling to music in the foreground, and several couples from a village dancing in the open-air, in what must have been a village fair or fete. I still think it is a lovely image, one of those photos that are timeless. I can stare at this picture endlessly.

I only just pulled the bubble envelope out from my filing cabinet and discovered this A4 sized print last week, having been stored away for so long. Today, the window mount which I ordered arrived in the mail, and I have finally framed it. Just need a prominent wall to hang it.