Marrakesh by M6

I just returned from Leica HQ at Wetzlar after attending the Celebration of Photography 2022 event in conjunction with the announcement of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award (LOBA) 2022 winners. Concurrently, Leica also revealed two new products, firstly the re-issue of their best selling film body, the Leica M6 released in 1984 and a new silver coloured Summilux M 35mm f1.4 lens. Responding to the current resurgence of analogue users amongst the photographic community worldwide, I think the 2022 M6 is a great idea and a brave move. I do wish Leica would bring back a lower priced entry level CL version to make it more accessible to enthusiasts.

These images were from a trip to Marrakesh in 2002, taken by my M6 bought used in 2000, on Fujifilm Neopan 400, my favourite black & white film and self-processed.

The M6 is now literally timeless.


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