Literally having just got back from a 12-day photography tour to Cuba, I am posting this teaser to what is promised to be, a series of simply amazing and stunning photography posts that will come from our workshop participants over the next few days and weeks. I can sense computers whirring, frantic downloading, editing, and editing,  and final presentation going on right now as I type this. Shooting selectively and editing tightly is the name of the game. Cuba, and especially Havana is a ‘must visit’ city, in a state of transition. The Americans have been, the Russians came and now the Chinese are stepping in to invest heavily. Heck, there’s even a China town, so called. Chinese immigrants have been in Cuba for centuries.

As we met out friendly guide Hoji on board a spanking new Chinese Yutong coach some 12 days ago after landing at the Jose Marti International, little did our group know what was to be presented before us and our trigger-ready cameras.  We met and photographed many leather skinned elderly men and women, kids on the side streets, colourful scantily clad women, danced Salsa with retirees in a small town, ate tons of fresh lobster, downed obscene amounts of rum and mojitos, caught land crabs and tarantulas, watched vultures circle overhead, hustled by pimps and jineteros offering cheap cigars and chicas, listened to the fabulous Buena Vista Social Club, photographed stunning sunsets and sailed the clear blue waters of the Florida sea.

And more.


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