CUBA series : Yank Tanks

No photography trip to Cuba would be complete unless there are some photographs of old American cars, one of the main attractions of Havana. Chevys, Fords, Lincolns, Cadillacs and various other forms still continue to roam the streets despite some of these machines having gone way past their sell-by dates. We came across some fully restored fine examples of these 50’s glories, and also some really clapped out ones. Most, if not all have had their innards replaced by more modern Japanese or Chinese truck engines and their attraction aren’t to be missed. Mainly used as taxis to ferry locals, some carry tourists for sight seeing trips around Havana. Kinda cliché to photograph, but not unlike visitors grabbing shots of black cabs and red phone boxes in London. Here are some casual snaps of these Yank Tanks. I just love their bright colours amongst a back drop of crumbling earthy buildings.

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Yank Tanks by Steven Lee, 2011

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