Explorenation is 3 years old!

Dear Friends of Explorenation


To celebrate our 3rd year, some of us are heading down to Bordeaux this week for a long weekend of touring the wine country, and sampling its produce! There will also be some photography…

Thank you for another great year of inspiring photography workshops.  Over the last 21 months we have visited Rajasthan, Cuba, Istanbul, Bordeaux, the Isle of Wight, and have run several digital darkroom sessions, some introductory camera clinics, and a few short London workshops offering a taster of what we do. Have a look at our planned photography workshops for 2012 and the remainder of 2011 below.  As always, we will be offering an interactive and user-friendly format for all photography enthusiasts from beginner to advanced level, who want to improve their technique and explore their creativity.  We work with small groups, go to interesting places, and ensure a variety of photographic possibilities with a format that includes daily shoots, evening slide shows, personal camera clinics, and of course some downtime to develop your portfolio, practice your technique, or simply relax.

Consider joining us on any of the following workshops over the next 12 months:

  • Berlin Iconography November 10-13, 2011
  • Carnavale! Venice at Carnival February 16-19, 2012 (£375 + travel & accommodation)
  • Morocco Pathways March 17-25, 2012 (c. £1,000 incl. accommodation, meals & local travel)
  • Cuba Libre II June 6-17, 2012 (c. £1,500 incl. accommodation, meals & local travel)

For more details on content see the attached document, or visit https://explorenation.net/2011-12-workshop-programme/.  Some dates may vary depending on take-up.  We can also arrange specific tours for groups with a particular destination in mind.

All the best, and keep shooting!

Andy & Steven

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