Simple pleasures to inspire a generation


We have finally arrived in to Cerbaiola, a hilltop ‘agri-turismo’ group of restored farm buildings and outhouses where we are staying, in the Tuscany hills after a two hour detour in Pisa. I grabbed this shot of Cerbaiola from the heavy minivan, covering the last kilometres on a narrow unmade dirt track, with my smartphone. It’s s painterly, and reminded me of why I love photography. I remember the simply pleasure of just being able to make pictures, any picture, when I was young and my family to us to the seaside o to the parks.

Sometimes, we need to be exposed to natural beauty, a landscape, a waterfall, or an amazing sunset, to be reminded again of what photography and the making of a photograph really is. We get caught up nowadays with all the technical gadgetry, lenses, sensor sizes, megapixels, or perhaps we want to shoot like Bresson or be famous like McCurry, we loose sight of the basic principles and just the joy of taking pictures.

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