Pakistan is suffering from severe flooding due to the monsoon rains. 1/5th of the nation is under water.

The Pakistani government says up to 20 million people have now been affected by the monsoon floods.

At least 1,500 are known to have lost their lives, and millions are homeless, and hungry.

Prints for Pakistan Appeal

Andy Craggs, myself and some photographer mates through explorenation.net have decided to donate a few of our favourite images as prints to you in return for your direct donation to the DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee), an umbrella organisation of 13 humanitarian aid agencies, or to other official agencies of your choice.

This is straightforward and simple process.

What you get

You select one image from the gallery below, noting the Title. All photographs will be printed on 13″ x 19″ paper with archival pigment inks, signed and dated in verso by the photographer and editioned. All photographs are 15 edition + 1 artist proof. They will be posted to you in a cardboard tube free of charge.

What you have to do

You must make a minimum donation of USD$25 (or equivalent) to DEC via their website direct, and email us your name, address and chosen Title photo, plus attach a screen capture or confirmation webpage/email from DEC, that has your name, address and donated amount to info@explorenation.net.

There is a certain amount of trust and goodwill to this initiative, so we rely on you good people to make this fund-raising event as successful as possible in the shortest time. If the print edition is depleted, we will notify you of an alternative choice.

Thank you.


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