16 Feb 2010 : I think we have got everyone’s best pics up, thanks to all of you for making this London weekend workshop as successful, as can be seen in the photo gallery below!

8 Feb 2010 : The London weekend workshop went really well, and I am beginning to post the ‘Best of..’ from each participant’s mini-project Iconic London, in the gallery below. Apologies for not showing my images on Sunday, but as promised, included are my edited selection..SL

6 & 7 FEBRUARY 2010
1 & 1/2 DAYS INSTRUCTION £175 pp

As a replacement to the Venice Workshop in February, we are holding an Introduction to Digital Photography weekend here in London, for new adopters to digital photography, and for those wanting to get more out of your DSLRs in terms of compositional tips, exposure settings, and using different lenses for effects. We will be photographing Central London and its magnificent public spaces, stately buildings and people on the first day, followed by a brief introduction to digital editing, review and selection combined with a personal critical feedback of your photographs.


Saturday 6th

9am to 1pm : Camera handling, exposure settings, compositional aspects, and lenses


2pm to 6pm : Guided London ‘walkabout’ shoot, covering Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, London Eye, South Bank, Embankment and the West End : architectural studies, people and dusk images with a difference

Sunday 7th

11am to 3pm : Digital editing of shoot results, creative commentary and review of previous day’s images, Q&A and wrap-up

Includes a workshop handbook.

Who is this for?

Photographers seeking to make full use of their digital camera and lenses by developing their digital photography knowledge and mastering the basics – then beginning to explore and improve on compositional skills and image impact.

You will have the opportunity to discover

* Effective camera handling techniques
* Low light /available light photography
* Architectural studies, photographing detailed structures, shapes and effects
* Basic street photography techniques, mastering different lenses and lighting effects
* Seeing in black and white
* Fine-tuning your visual skills to produce a coherent series of images
* Beginning a personal portfolio of your best edited work
* Basic digital photo-editing skills

The layout of the weekend includes a practical shoot with instruction on creative and technical topics, followed by editing and a professional review by teachers leading to critical feedback for each participant

Please contact Steven or Andy for more information at

Photo coaches : Steven Lee + 44 781 084 8470, Andy Craggs + 44 778 712 4832

Iconic London : A Mini-Project
“Our task, should you agree to accept it, is to interpret what is ‘Iconic’ about London, given the location, time and space we have this weekend..” This gallery is what our participants came up with.


Hi Steven my photos -sorry ended up being 9. Great to catch-up with you and Andy. Really learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the company. Will work on getting my eye focused on interesting subjects. Keep me updated on your events.



Hi! Steven and Andy,

Thanks for the enjoyable workshop over the weekend. I have shot the entire workshop portfolio on manual which I had rarely done before. Thanks for the tips and encouragement on how to set the camera properly. I am still trying to learn how to use my new Canon 5D properly ( I am more used to my very old Canon 300). Although my pictures have been published in my books and travel features, it is useful to learn the skill properly from experts like yourselves. Your advice is much appreciated.

Regards, Helen


  1. London is a nice place for Digital Photography Introduction program
    specially for the Architectural studies.
    This creative workshop is good and fun for beginner to master the basics.
    Hopefully enduring.

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