2011 Workshop Destinations!

Photo © Sebastian Rich

We are currently formulating our travel workshop destinations for 2011, and have in mind the following locations :

  • ARGENTINA : We have a super contact in Argentina! This destination will please you Medium Format landscape photographers. Beautiful vistas, clear blue skies, and .. steak. Lots of steak.
  • CUBA : Viva Cuba! We almost made Cuba last year, but decided on Borneo. Cuba it is for 2011! Great street photography, its warm people, Spanish architecture and yes…cigars.
  • PARIS,  ROME and SEVILLE are also on the cards for weekend workshops.

If you want to be notified of our 2011 calendar, please drop us an email to info@explorenation.net

Meanwhile, the year’s not out yet, and we have two exciting destinations, Istanbul and Rajasthan, so check these out.

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