Istanbul : East Meets West

© Steven Lee, 1998

New dates 30 Sept~ 3 Oct 6-10 October 2010 : 4 Days £450 Booking now

Itinerary : TBA

I visited Istanbul in 1998, traveling across Turkey, from Gallipoli, down south to Izmir, Ephesus, Kusadasi and Pammukale. The Bosphorus harbour is a hive of activity, not unlike Hong Kong, with ferryboats to-ing and fro-ing from East to West Istanbul, people fishing, fishing boats, petty traders, newspaper sellers and freshly grilled sardines by the waterfront. Standing majestically in the backdrop on hill is the unmistakable Haghia Sophia dome with its minarets reaching out into the heavens.

© Steven Lee, 1998

We hope to return to Istanbul with a small group to do it justice again, photographing the narrow streets in Sultanahmet, the palaces and history buildings, and of course the amusing residents of this great City.

We are also Booking now!

Rajasthan, Land of Kings

Rajasthan, Land of Kings , India : 10 – 21 November 2010 : 12 Days £1850** Booking now!

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