‘Tribute to HC-B’ exhibition

In 2004, Andy and myself jointly held an exhibition of black and white prints photographed in Paris over several years at the Light Gallery in London. It so happened that Henri Cartier-Bresson, who had inspired so many photographers by his amazing body of work, had died not too long ago, and both of us, having been greatly influenced by his works, had an archive of Parisian photos, shot independently before we both met.

Fast forward to 2011, and once again, I managed to dig out our prints from the 2004 exhibition and selected 10 images to grace the newly redecorated waiting lounge of the trendy West End dental surgery of Dr Gill Millman, the Cavendish Dental Clinic on Cavendish Square.

The display will be in place at the Clinic for a few months, and we hope to replace them with some of our alumni photographs from recent trips. So if you fancy visiting a dentist, why not pop by the Cavendish, an have a browse!

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