Personal Photography Assignment : Cuba Libre!

During our forthcoming Cuba workshop in June, we are raising the bar for our participants and asking each photographer to identify a project to complete while on tour. A theme that reflects a specific interest that you may have identified and researched.  Allowing ample opportunity and time to do so, would greatly help in your approach, planning and execution.

Our suggested guidelines and instructions for the projects are as follows:

–     Pre-research a theme or idea that you can then carry out in a photographic environment while in Cuba

–     Your project can include all locations we visit, or be limited to one location (Havana) or one theme (portraits, architecture, colour, motifs etc)

–     We encourage you to contact people or places before arriving in Cuba so you can focus on getting the story or series of images you want, possibly meeting local business owners or artisans to make real contact. Make use of the internet, contacts etc to research your ideas.

–     You will have structured time to work on your project: Day 4 in Havana is left free for personal projects and Days 9,10,11 are free for compiling and presenting projects as well as camera clinics

–     We encourage you to create a photo reportage with music, narrative and some dynamic elements (props, interviews) if possible, using whatever applications you have.

–     We can assist with the technology for this – please call Steven or Andy about any questions

–     The more effort one puts into this, the more you will get out of it in terms of the process of using photography to tell a story, and you will hone your skills in the art.
At the end of the trip the final few days (Days 9, 10, 11) will be allocated for compiling your presentation to the group.  We will also have daily camera clinics – both Nikon, Canon and Leica formats – over the last few days to answer any questions on settings and camera handling.

Please do contact us over this period, to discuss any ideas you may have.

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