Amy Winehouse R.I.P

Simon McGregor-Wood, ABC News © Steven Lee

Drink, drugs and raw talent don’t mix.

Now that I have said it, I’ll let it go.

Being Sunday, and a beautiful sunny day, I wandered up to Camden town, more particularly, Camden Square to pay my respects to Amy Winehouse, the 27 year old London music icon who unexpectedly died yesterday here at her home. Camden Square is about a 10 minute walk from Camden Town, and is an upmarket residential area of terraced mansions and bungalows, surrounding a leafy garden square, with a children’s playground in the centre. Although I do not follow her music I realise she had an originality in her sound and style, having won 5 Grammies with her second album ‘Back to Black’. As a naturally gifted artist her demise is a sad and tragic loss to the British music world.

She’s been dubbed the Billie Halliday of our time, combining a retro-Detroit sound with modern jazz and RnB vocals. Her father is also a brilliant jazz musician in his own right. She has only produced 2 albums, but none in the last 5 years. For more details about her life, please visit here.

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