Thinking Inside the Box

Hortus Conclusus

The Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens commissions an artist / architect to design and construct a Summer Pavilion ever year over the summer months. This year, Swiss architect Peter Zumthor designed a large oblong black box with a oblong garden in the centre, lit by natural light from the open roof. Visitors wander in from all sides through dimly lit darkened corridors and emerge into a spectacular mature garden full of muted colours, shapes, leaves, and grasses swaying the breeze. There are bees pollinating the flowers and children playing hid and seek among the tall grasses. There are cafe style stools and table set all around the garden, where the public may relax and enjoy the assault on their senses.

The Pavilion is open till 16 October, 2011 and is worth a visit.

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