Soul Satisfaction

Adults Day at the Notting Hill Carnival 2011

Met up with Revi, Kirsten and Malika this morning at 9:30am at Cafe Nero by Notting Hill Gate station and headed up to the pre-start area of the street parade, up by Kensal Road W10. Having attended the carnival for several years now, I still find it a great opportunity to photograph street portraits and scenes of performers real close, without any form of intrusion or barriers. The street performers and dancers always willingly oblige to have their photographs taken, without any reservations, and the music and dancing is always a spectacle to behold, not to mention the fantastic colourful and elaborate costumes which adorn some of them. So much effort has gone in to the design and manufacture of them, for months before the carnival. Here are some images from today. For more Carnival photos from previous years, please look here.

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