Global Classroom Workshop with LimKokWing students

In May this year Andy and I ran a half-day Camera Clinic for some students from the Limkokwing Global Classroom in their London campus. Once again, last Thursday, 29th,  I led another similar workshop, in sweltering 28C temperatures here in sunny London. This time, there was supposed to be 30+ students, but only about half materialised from the Indian Summer weather we have been enjoying in early Autumn. Nevertheless, we had a Go! and I sent all of them out in groups of 4 or 5, onto the streets on an assignment for a ‘make-believe’ inflight magazine article, requesting images of ‘Summer in London.’

With students in various disciplines, from Business Studies, Accountancy to Graphic Design and Games Software, it was difficult to run a technical photography class. Hence, I resorted to good old creativity, imagination and Lady Luck which I believe every one of us possess in some form or another. Thanks to Linda Noor for organising this session.

I am awaiting results from the challenge.

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