So This Is Christmas, in Malaysia


I came away from the Mid Valley mall, one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia, located in Kuala Lumpur, with some photographs in the video. Being the second last weekend before Christmas Day, the shops were teeming with shoppers, look-seers, families, locals and tourists alike. As usual, the central atrium is richly decorated with giant conifers adorned with all Christmassy trimmings, flashy lights, fake snow, icicles, silver globes and golden bells. This year, there are two log and stone cabins built on the set to attract visitors, and I think they do look pretty realistic, compared to yesteryears, where these were usually painted scenes on flat plywood and styrofoam. Today, set designs have improved by leaps and bounds, the renderings authentic, and the animals are, at last, to scale with everything else.

I guess for kids, these sights can be a bewilderment and awe, as quite often they recollect similar scenes from fantasy or Hollywood movies watched over the years. No Santa here, sadly.

(PS. Sorry about the cheesy tune)

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