Imogen Meckel, 10

I finally took my trusty Rolleiflex off the shelf, dusted it, gave it a quick ‘once over’, clicked through all the shutter speeds, and twiddled the aperture ring to check for stiffness, and loaded a roll of Portra 160 to embark on this so-called ONE SHOT PORTRAIT project. Now that I am in Malaysia again for a good couple of weeks and then a few days in Japan,  I intend to photograph with the Rollei with the hope of capturing spontaneous and ‘truthful’ portraits of my friends, family and strangers with just the one click. So, 12 shots per roll, 12 portraits. And so on…

The idea is for the subject to feel most comfortable when I press the shutter release, with a pose that is natural & calm. I hope to catch capture a decent portrait with just one shot. If I fail, so be it, no second chance.

(Be part of this project! If you are in KL/PJ and want to be photographed give me a holler!  012 284 5838)

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