Return to Tuscany

After much deliberation and planning, and several requests recently, I have decided to plan another Explorenation World Travel Photography and Workshop in 2019 to celebrate its 10th anniversary!

Our first ever tour was in April 2009, just over ten years ago where we visited Sarawak in northern Borneo, which was quickly followed by city trips to Paris, Bordeaux, Venice (for the Carnavale!) and Tuscany as well as longer photo tours to Cuba, Rajasthan, and Istanbul.

Return to Tuscany Photo Tour

In May 2019, I’ll be collaborating with travel and lifestyle photographer and filmmaker Daniela Cesarei who is based in Tuscany for a week-long photography tour of the beautiful and historical countryside, as well as sample some of the local cuisine with visits to vineyards and markets and much more. We shall be based in the medieval hill town of Montepulciano, immersed in the land of the nobile red wine.


Tour Fee – [Go to Preliminary Itinerary]

This includes local organisation and transport, daily photo instruction and review sessions, planned visits to markets, vineyards and sampling of dishes by a local chef.

Not included : personal travel to Montepulciano, accommodation, entries to museums, tips or meals not stated, insurance etc


Steven Lee & Daniela Cesarei

Format of Tour

We believe that travel photography should first and foremost be enjoyable, but also challenging and what better place than the beautiful landscapes and towns of Tuscany to inspire you to make unique images with a group of like-minded photographers. The tour is catered to photographers and enthusiasts of all levels – whether you are just starting out in photography, or a seasoned traveler needing to polish up your visual and creative skills with some guidance. Photography instruction and set daily projects will be available as a guide for each participant to focus on, with regular evening reviews of the photographs taken in the day. We believe in informal gatherings that will form the basis of constructive feedback of each other’s works, through group participation.

Planned Dates

25 May to 1st June, 2019

Group size

Minimum 8, Maximum 12

Accommodation suggestions

A range of hotels and private accommodation will be suggested. More details to come.


Closest arriving International Airports are Rome, Florence, Pisa and Perugia.

Distances from airports:

Perugia – Sant’Egidio (km 75)
Firenze – Amerigo Vespucci (km 130)
Roma – Leonardo da Vinci (km 200)

Railway station on the main line Chiusi / Chianciano Terme

Two exits on the A1 “Autostrada del Sole” motorway Val di Chiana and Chiusi / Chianciano Terme


To register your interest in this Return to Tuscany tour, or just want to ask a question, please contact either :



Daniela Cesarei Photography
Daniela Cesarei Photography

Gallery of random photographs from past Explorenation tours by participants and facilitators.


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Featured image © Daniela Cesarei

Steven Lee


Steven is the founder director of Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards and ran Explorenation World Travel Photography Tours with fellow photographer Andy Craggs from 2009 to 2013. Steven also started the Exposure+ Photo Mentoring program with fellow photographers in Malaysia, and is a regular portfolio reviewer at international photo festivals.


Daniela Cesarei


Daniela is an established photographer specialising in travel and lifestyle, who lives in Tuscany. She is also an accomplished film-maker.


Fruit of the Vine

The St.Emilion region produces some of Bordeaux’s most famous red wines from the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. A group of us arrived here to spend a few days touring some chateaus, taste some fine wines, and sample the local cuisine. Photography was an option on this trip, nevertheless, all of us brought our cameras and attempt some picture taking at the ‘degustations’. For me, a total novice in wine tasting, it presented a great experience to understanding the complexities and methodology that went into the making of this red nectar so famous across the globe. I learned that the average root depth penetration is 11 to 17 metres deep for vines, that can be productive for over 50 years. Density of plant, soil structure, rainfall aren’t the only variables that go into the taste. Post harvest, there’s the masceration techniques, fermentation, and aging that will produce the ‘bouquets’, structure and body of the wine. Many chateaus are secretive about their recipes, and even the kind of oak barrels used too age the wines will produce different aromas.

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The St Emilion rolling hills filled with patchwork of vineyards differs greatly with the Left Bank area north of Bordeaux city, where the land is unimaginatively flat and unpicturesque. Nevertheless, this Medoc region produces some of the world’s most well-known fine wines from Chateaus Lafitte, La Tour and Rothschild, amongst others. The chateaus are themselves works of art, and so much history goes before these vintages.

Who’s up for a whisky tour of Scotland next?