Tube portraits

I love surreptitiously taking photos in the London Underground, in off-peak times, as I often find there are plenty of interesting stills to capture, and people to photograph. People are usually so absorbed in their newspaper, paperback or smartphone nowadays to notice me snapping a few here and there. I find people’s shoes and stance often amusing, especially if there are suitably well dressed or have some item on them that stands out. Here’s three I snapped with my phone cam yesterday.

Back during film days, I shoot stealthily with a near-silent Konica Hexar, one of the best cameras ever made, in my opinion. I still have a Hexar sitting on my shelf, dying to get out for a run, like a house-bound Jack Russell. Nowadays, shooting silently is easy with compact digicams, but don’t forget to turn off that super-bright focus assist lamp! That, will surely give you away.

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