A walk in the park

It rarely snows in London, and when it does, everyone gets excited, despite the disruption a little accumulation may cause to the transport networks, roads and airports. Perhaps it has to do with global warming, greenhouse gases and all that stuff, after all, 100 years ago, the river Thames did freeze over, and the Victorians used to skate on it. There were no skaters in sight this morning in Hyde Park however, although parts of Serpentine lake had ice. Only the coots and ducks were skating. I did see a very manky old heron, perched on a wooden stump looking very sad, and obliging to be photographed  by some onlookers not more than 10 feet away.

Last night when it was snowing, I photographed under the dim lit park next to my flat, this morning the snow had stopped falling, and the sky was overcast in grey daylight. I took a walk in Hyde Park.

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