Le Café Marly – Paris Review

Been looking through my archives this morning searching out my past Parisian images, after seeing a brilliant image of the Eiffel Tower in the snow, with a military-geared young couple racing towards the photographer in the foreground, taken by Lee Miller in 1944.

I have photographed a lot of Paris, since 1999 to 2003 and several other shorter periods later on, in fact, my second exhibition was held at the Light Gallery in London in December 2004, jointly with my friend Andy Craggs, with our Parisian images in tribute to Cartier Bresson who passed away earlier that same year. I think any ardent ‘street’ fan would safely put hand on heart that he or she was once inspired by HCB’s amazing work, in no uncertain terms. In any case, HCB would stand high up on the list of the greatest photographers in the world, in terms of inspiring new artists to taking up street photography.

This image was taken at the famous Le Café Marly on the Rivoli, by the Louvre in 2001. It is a ‘must see’ spot for any Paris visitor as it affords a grand view of the glass Pyramid, set amongst the amazing historic site.

I hope to post more of these Parisian images, as I find them.



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