San Marco, Venice

San Marco, Venice, 2012

Photo © Steven Lee

Just been going through my Venice images from February, my, how time flies, now we are already in July. Beginning to lay out our Venice Blurb photobook, and came across many gems from our participants too! It’s amazing how everyone’s vision of a place differs when some effort is applied to create something meaningful as opposed to just snapping away at postcard type images. Photographing in limited time, and with a purpose always make one become more creatively tuned to see new pictures, and experiment with angles, emphasis and personal styles. More later…


Explorenation’s biggest book yet is now available on

A 200-page, 12in x 13in monster of a book! You’ll need a bigger coffee table! Hardback and in full colour.

RAJASTHAN : THE BEAUTY WITHIN is a compilation of the group’s photographic tour to the region of northern India covering Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar and Jodhpur, from 10 -21, November 2010.

I had a great time reviewing everyone’s photographs and recounting some hilarious moments whilst preparing the layout. It was truly a awesome trip despite being rough at the edges at times. Thank you to all who came along and whose works are represented in this tome!

HOTLA family portraits : A Blurb book

In Jaipur recently, a make-shift portrait session was organised in the village where the Hotla family form the Dhanka tribe lived. We befriended Ram Hotla, our auto-rickshaw driver and he invited our photography group to meet his family and relations. I suggested to capture the portraits of all his family members, and on the 14.11.2010 a Sunday morning, they came out posing. Here is the result of that morning’s shoot.

Book specifications :

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