At the feet of Saints. Part 3

St. Martha, Patron Saint of Avignon, Avignon Cathedral (above)

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St.Mary Magdelene, Sweet Advocate, Avignon Cathedral

At the feet of Saints. Part 2

St. Anthony of Padua, Church of San Domenico, Cortona

Part 1 : At-the-feet-of-saints

At the feet of Saints

A fleeting trip to Dublin straight after returning from Malaysia, to visit an elderly and very sick friend from the religious community.  In my life, I have confronted death in close family only 4 times and on each occasion, notwithstanding a profound sorrow, which is to be expected, new revelations are also experienced.

Death, is often unspoken nor discussed within my family, as I can imagine, in most families. Yet, it is as common as births and marriages, both joyous occasions to be cherished. In Catholicism, it is a notion that all suffering is part of a greater plan, an acceptance is a virtue. But as humans we succumb to the frailty of disease, age and doubt, all of which are inevitable, and suffering is part of a journey of acceptance and discovery. We see loved ones wither away, when their minds were still able but their bodies weren’t.

Our journeys have just begin.