Portobello Rock

Another Carnival, another set of images. I have been visiting the Notting Hill Carnival annually for a few years now, and today, with two first-timer mates in tow, we headed towards the Trellick Tower in North Kensington, and its surrounding streets. The smell of BBQ, smoky air, heady bass from 1,000 watts speakers, and throngs of people, people of all ages, shapes and sizes (!) greeted us as the trucks loaded with sound DJs played their tunes and the dance troupes in fiery costumes limbered up in preparation of the fest.

The Carnival is filled with photographers, as it is one of the best public events to shoot street photographs at without being intimidated or intimidate the subjects. You can join in the with the dancers, and get real close without much effort.

This year, I am editing in black and white.

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