Spring is delayed.

Photo : Bare tree, Wimbledon Common, 1st March, 2018

Cold Siberian weather, with snow, blizzards and freezing rain gripped the whole of Britain over the last few days, foiling the start of Spring in the official calendar. The UK can hardly cope with a few inches of snow, since extreme weather like this only occurs about once in a few years and only for a few days, at most, a week.



There’s a charming little oasis, a waterhole, almost hidden from view, in Wimbledon Common where I walk Kipper regularly, where the golfer’s pass by via a cut-through path down a shallow dip linking the two tee-off areas of the public golf course.

Sometimes, you’ll catch a little egret resting in the shallow waters or on a fallen branch along the waters edge. I’m sure there’s fish in the pond. Over winter, the pond water freezes to a dirty crust of ice, encasing the floating leaves and debris left over from Autumn.

Finally, I can say that this long term photo project, of documenting the Common, is taking shape, into a book sometime in the future. I have sufficient images now from 5 years of photography (since we got Kipper and began exploring the area) to make a decent edit.

More later…

In the midst – Commonscapes

Sakura blossoms in the woodland, Wimbledon Common

The weather has been kind recently, rather warm by early Spring standards. Today is 1 April and we are already in Summer Time. A balmy 13C and recent low teens temperature had woken up the odd cherry blossom tree, dotted around the forests and woodland in Wimbledon Common, my hunting ground close to home for doggie walks.

Another to add to my Commonscapes collection.

Hello 2016 !

Thank you to all followers at explorenation.net and Facebook friends. Let’s hope we all continue to make new and exciting photographs in 2016, wherever we are, ’til we meet face to face once again, surely we will.

Have a good one!


Commonscapes 15 – October

Continuing on my personal long term Commonscapes series, here are a few more photographs made this morning in Wimbledon Common. There are parts of this vast forest I have not been to, and these scenes were from an area new to me. The colours are simply amazing, it would have been lost if these were in black and white, like some of the earlier images in the series.

2015_1030_12283900 2015_1030_12342200 2015_1030_12463900 2015_1030_12481000

See Commonscapes series. Click on image to enlarge.