Deep Summer #1

Exploring a new river path close to where I live and came across this stagnant stream. Because of the recent heat and humid conditions, algae and moss have overgrown this section of the stream and created a carpet of green which is amazingly still.

In the midst – Commonscapes

Sakura blossoms in the woodland, Wimbledon Common

The weather has been kind recently, rather warm by early Spring standards. Today is 1 April and we are already in Summer Time. A balmy 13C and recent low teens temperature had woken up the odd cherry blossom tree, dotted around the forests and woodland in Wimbledon Common, my hunting ground close to home for doggie walks.

Another to add to my Commonscapes collection.

SUMMER images! Did you shoot any?

explorenation is curating a set of images titled ‘Timeless Summer’ for an Autumn event to be held in London, to brighten up the days in Autumn, when the days begin to shorten, shadows lengthen, and the chill wind starts to blow again. Email me your pics now(!) to

Images can be on any subject, taken anywhere, depicting a timeless summery moment in your own interpretation. Instagrams, Hipstamatics, Fine Art, anything..

Open to all dedicated photographers, we want your SINGLE timeless image to be included in an exhibition. Photographs selected will be printed and exhibited in a special event (to be announced) where your prints will be available for sale.

Please send your jpeg at 800pixels wide in any format, B&W or Colour. We are looking for that special stand alone photograph that shout out SUMMER, eg. BBQ’s, beaches, outdoor, camping, flowers, fairs, camper vans, ice cream, bikinis,… that sort of thing!

Go on! Have a look at your images and see what you have shot this Summer.


Took a stroll in Hyde Park this evening, when the late summer sun was low and setting, shadows long. Before long, Summer will turn into Autumn, so its best now to catch some summer images. Here are some images I shot over the last 2 weeks with my little Ricoh GRD2, always still astounded by it’s amazing resolution and tonality. (Click image to view larger image.)