InstantLondon -Tree of Life

Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park – this Victorian garden set in 40 acres of woodland is renown for the azaleas introduced from Japan in the 1920s, rhododendrons, camellias and other rare trees. There are ponds and little streams, grass openings ideal for picnics and strolls throughout the year.

InstantLondon : Brixton Buzz

Brixton is only about 5 miles from where I live, but the last time I was there was over 10 years ago I believe, attending a photography workshop at Photofusion. Today, I dropped by this South London photo-space to take a look at Kazuma Obara’s Silent Histories exhibition. The town has it’s famous attraction, the Brixton Academy, Ritzy and of course the multi-ethnic Brixton Market with its street stalls, fish, fruit and veg outlets, halal butchers, and trendy cafes.


InstantLondon : Westminster Cathedral

Spent some time at Westminster Cathedral in Victoria this morning. Today is Maundy Thursday, the first day of the Easter celebrations covering the three main events called the Easter Triduum. During the last two weeks in Lent season, all statuary and crucifixes in churches are veiled in purple cloth, a ritual practice since the Middle Ages. The traditional colour for veils is purple, a colour that represents penance and humility.

InstantLondon : Dearly Departed

Brompton Cemetery, Fulham

One of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries of London, the Brompton Cemetery was first opened in 1840 and houses over 200,000 burials with some 35,000 headstones, mausoleums and simple plots. Some parts are overgrown with hedges and creepers, making it a favourite for photography and movies. It is located right next to Stamford Bridge the home of Chelsea F.C. One can’t help imagining the souls of the departed bearing up with the roar of the stadium as the home team scores each time.

InstantLondon ~ Man with pint

One of my favourite pubs to relax in London, The Churchill Arms. The pub in Kensington was built in the 1750s, and is famously known for it’s amazing external floral display in the summer. Churchill’s grandparents used to frequent it in the 1800s hence the name, after WW2. It is also the first pub in London to serve Thai food and still does. I hear that the Thai restaurant is now owned by an Irishman.

Good bye 2015…


Piccadilly Circus, West End, London

The Reaper is never late. So much death and destruction have turned 2015 into a dire year, especially in the Middle East, and Europe. Let’s hope and pray for a better more peaceful 2016.

InstantLondon. London welcomes refugees


At least 50,000 people marched to Downing Street today in London and as many in other European capitals to demand more be done for the refugee crisis facing Europe currently. The atmosphere was festive, with many families and small children taking part in the march from Marble Arch to Parliament Square.