InstantLondon : Westminster Cathedral

Spent some time at Westminster Cathedral in Victoria this morning. Today is Maundy Thursday, the first day of the Easter celebrations covering the three main events called the Easter Triduum. During the last two weeks in Lent season, all statuary and crucifixes in churches are veiled in purple cloth, a ritual practice since the Middle Ages. The traditional colour for veils is purple, a colour that represents penance and humility.

What lies beneath


Got off my backside and forced myself to go for a walk in the cold and dank weather yesterday down in Shanklin beach. The tide was low and exposed a great distance of the pebble-sands from the steep 150m drop cliffs. What a find, as I was to discover these two ancient trees trunks lying, rotting, hardening, prone like two giant carcasses left to the forces of nature.

One-horse race

This chariot-trike bike is such an amazingly simple design that can bring tons of adventure to young children. It reminded me of the 70s Chopper with three gears and the extended handlebars which I had. I used to do wheelies on it and race my brother around the local streets after school. But this trike is even better, it has no handlebars, instead, to make turns, it has a pair of leather reins controlled by the child as he or she pedals.

Promenade, Menton, Alpes-Maritimes

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II


I have been to Rome several times, and each time, a new experience surfaces. Depending on the time of the year and the season, Rome either attracts or repel me. In the height of summer, you can literally be smothered with dust and the heavy air with the stifling heat, but in the winter months, the city can be serene and grand. Actually it is always grand. Like a living museum, the city and the Romans who live here provides a visual entertainment, full of historicities, stylish fashion and the typical reserved warmth of Italians. Rome of course is a city steeped in history, and a crossroads of peoples from all over, a meeting point and a cultural mishmash. Not least, due to the fact that Vatican City, the seat of the Catholic Church welcomes millions of pilgrims from all over the globe throughout year, especially in the warmer months.