The Good Shepherd

The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is the oldest Catholic church in Singapore, built circa 1843. I managed to drop by last weekend during the IPA Photo Books show at the nearby National Museum of Singapore. Located at the end of Queen Street, the building is in desperate need for structural strengthening of it’s foundations, and the walls are crumbling, literally. In fact, the interior feels more rural Spain than shiny Singapore. The gallery house a monstrous pipe organ commissioned in 1912, and still in operation. Access to the galley is via two metal spiral staircases which flank the main door. More about the building here. I discovered that my Sunday visit was the last, as the church will be closed for a 2 year period in a week’s time for essential and upgrading works.







LookBack : Couple, Malecón


Couple, Malecón, Havana, 2011

Reviewing my archive of images taken at our workshop in Cuba in 2011 recently, I came across this lovely picture of a couple hanging out on the Malecón, the definitive seafront esplanade where thousands of Cubans gather every evening to chill, play music, drink and be seen. I love to revisit archives just to pick out gems like this, which I have missed initially.

Carry on Carnival


Yes, it’s that time of the year again, the August Bank Holiday weekend, and it’s London’s biggest and loudest street party. Day I being Children’s Day was new to me as I usually attend the Adult’s Day on the Monday but no matter, as what lacked  in the larger floats and costumes, was made up by the sheer exuberance of the street performers, their sound systems, the jolly crowd and the largely younger performers. Heaps of melted chocolate, coloured water and bright fluorescent powder was thrown amongst the crowd and performers alike, so that was fun. Of course, there was the essential drink and (very) loud music to pulsate you along the streets of West London.









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Fair people

L1007324Siberius and owner

L1007325Bendy Bendini from the Cambridge Community Circus

Spent the day up in Cambridge at the Norfolk Street Community Street Party organised by a friend. These are a couple of portraits I did when I encountered some interesting people.

Holy Week begins


The last week of the Lenten season begins with Holy Week, the most solemn period of the Christian calendar, culminating in the Triduum celebrations, Good Friday, till Easter Sunday. St Francis church, Nice.

Hello, Sunshine 3


An elderly couple passing the time with crosswords, enjoying the breeze and the sound of the waves. Promenade  des Anglais, Nice.

Hello, Sunshine 2


After a very brief visit to Southern France where temperatures hover around the late teens spoilt with clear blue skies, I am staring out of my window in London to a snow storm, Reminds me how Europe can be so different, in climes as well as people, customs and dress, and most of all, how Europeans relax and how valued is sunshine.

Hello, Sunshine.


Just when you think there’s too much death, sorrow and destruction in today’s photography, I find a little humour in this scene. Don’t photographers take happy pictures anymore?