Deep Summer #2


Deep Summer #1

Exploring a new river path close to where I live and came across this stagnant stream. Because of the recent heat and humid conditions, algae and moss have overgrown this section of the stream and created a carpet of green which is amazingly still.



Today, about 15,000  people marched from 10 Downing Street to Kensington, where the Israeli Embassy is located in London. Women, children, young and old, Muslims, non-Muslims, white, black, asians, Jews even, people in wheelchairs, prams and strollers, rich and poor walked 3and a half miles in 30C heat to protest. Taking sides in this decades old conflict is pretty useless today. Both sides have issues. The rally today was organised by STOP THE WAR coalition of NGOs, but somehow or rather, the Socialist Workers always get their foot into these events.


Save Gaza rally, Hyde Park, 2009

Which brings me to this. I joined and supported the very same protest in 2009, January, when it was butt freezing, in Hyde Park. See, nothing about this conflict has progress, year in year out. It isn’t going to change a thing. More on the 2009 event here. I think I prefer the 2009 pictures.

Carry on Carnival


Yes, it’s that time of the year again, the August Bank Holiday weekend, and it’s London’s biggest and loudest street party. Day I being Children’s Day was new to me as I usually attend the Adult’s Day on the Monday but no matter, as what lacked  in the larger floats and costumes, was made up by the sheer exuberance of the street performers, their sound systems, the jolly crowd and the largely younger performers. Heaps of melted chocolate, coloured water and bright fluorescent powder was thrown amongst the crowd and performers alike, so that was fun. Of course, there was the essential drink and (very) loud music to pulsate you along the streets of West London.









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Crouching Lion, Hidden Snake

It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve today and I ventured into the most obvious place in the city to see if I could photograph some festivities relating to the welcoming of the Snake year, London’s Chinatown. Not a slither. No Snake paper dolls, no cheap and nasty rubber toy Snakes, no Snake-shaped balloons, not even a Snakes and Ladders board game in sight. I guess, realistically speaking, the Chinese hate snakes as do most people. However, there were lots of Dragon symbols and toys selling like hotcakes in the gift stores. I guess a Dragon is a sort of snake with legs, both belonging to the reptile world. And Lions strutting to the beat.

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