The Circus is in town!


The circus is back in town. Every year, the Santus Circus, Le Cirque de France comes to a local park near where I live and every year, I try to photograph the ticket booth, with all it’s imagery and lights, harking back to old times. I failed a couple of years ago, as I was a little too late in the evening, and the darkness had fallen, and the exposure wasn’t perfect. Yesterday, i made it a point to get there at dusk, about 30 minutes before the sun set. I think I nailed the exposure this time, with the little Ricoh GR.

Sands of Time


Compton Beach, IoW

Taking a walk along this familiar coastline this morning, and came across a debris strewn section close to a small stream. The recent heavy rainstorms and winds that battered southern England since mid-December have significantly soaked the ground and raised the water-table, and many rivers have broke their banks and low lying towns flooded.