Dinosaur Coast 2

I managed another short trip to the well regarded stretch of beach known as the Dinosaur Coast, at the southernmost part of the Isle of Wight, to look for footprints and other fossilised evidence of the Cretaceous beasts but time was limiting and the light fading fast. So I only squeezed a few shots of the amazing black sandy rivulets that formed from a small brook, which made it to the sea during low tide.

Remembering the Fallen


Veteran on Remembrance Sunday, Kensington War Memorial, London

I do not know your name, but I know you died 
I do not know from where you came, but I know you died 
Your uniform, branch of service, it matters not to me 
Whether Volunteer or Conscript, or how it came to be 
That politicians’ failures, or some power-mad ambition 
Brought you too soon to your death, in the name of any nation
– Kenny Martin, 2003

Next stop, Mumbai CST

One of the most ingenious use of the inside of a subway train I have seen are these life-sized wall to wall photographs of jammed packed commuters in a Mumbai train on Line 53 of the Amsterdam subway. (watch a video here by Jorn van Eck) Just love the juxtapositioning (that damn word again!) of one of the most crowded and overused public transport systems in the world with a modern, clean and efficient European subway.

An English variety

Volunteer harvester, Bothy Vineyard, Frilford Heath, Oxfordshire

Sian and Richard Liwicki runs Bothy Vineyard in the Oxfordshire countryside, a small specialist vineyard producing a variety of award winning wines from five and a half acres. I had the opportunity to visit a harvest this weekend and photograph some volunteers and friends picking the ripe fruit from the vine straight to press. The morning was cold, dank and foggy, just nice for saturated colours of the vine leaves, and no shadow. The misty sky became a large softbox.


“He does not know Wimbledon Common who is not familiar with its labyrinths of leafy glades, its tangled thickets of wild red rose, bramble, and honeysuckle; who has not often traversed its turfy plateau and had the perfumes of odoriferous herbs borne in upon his senses; who has not pondered over its rusty pebble, and wondered whence they came..” ~ Walter Johnson: Wimbledon Common; its Geology, Antiquities and Natural History, 1912

SPACES OF MEMORY ~ Fernando Pérez Fraile

Diary Date : Thurs 11th Oct, yes, this Thursday at 7pm. All welcome to the Opening Reception of Fernando Pérez Fraile‘s SPACES OF MEMORY exhibit. Fernando will be speaking briefly about his photographs, and there will be (limited supply!) of jamon, chorizo and Spanish wine. Venue : Lightgallery, 5A Porchester Place, W2 2BS.  The exhibition will run from 12 to 31 October, Tuesdays to Saturdays from 12 – 6pm.

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Dinosaur Coast

I love this stretch of coast on the south western flank of the Isle of Wight. From Compton Chine to Brook Chine, this is where you go to find evidence of footprints and bones of dinosaurs in the Cretaceous rocks that make up the crumbly sea-eroded cliffs. It is also the spot to view amazing panoramic sunsets.

I seldom make use of my tripod, but I wanted to finish off a couple of rolls of 120 film with the Rolleiflex. Got tempted to use the M8 as well for immediacy. I am pleased with the rendition of the M-lens. Not so pleased is the noise at 640ISO on the M8 though, so these were taken at 160ISO with -1/3 stop.

Tuscan’d out : Day 4

Feeling slightly below weather, having the chills and aching joints wasn’t fun, on the last day of our Tuscany workshop. The gelato in Italy is really that good, also. We are all back safe and sound now. Thank you, all.