The Beautiful Game


Just over 40 days time the world will be transfixed once more with the FIFA World Cup 2014 starting on June, 12. With 32 finalist nations in 8 Groups, Brazil, the host country is surely a firm favourite at 3/1 odds and Spain coming second at 7/1. The World Cup unites sports fans all around the world like no other world event, and it would be a great moment of distraction from the many conflicts, disasters and wars across many regions. (Photo : Steven Lee, Villenueve-Loubet plage.) 

Poujols by Pascal Lapierre, 2002


In 2002, I exchanged prints with a fellow French photographer from a photo blog. It was pretty much the first time I had ‘purchased’ a print without parting with any cash. The photographer was Pascal Lapierre from Annecy who actually got in touch with me and asked if I would like  to exchange one of my Parisien photos with any of his. I chose this one (above) from his website titled ‘Poujols’ of a mother and child twirling to music in the foreground, and several couples from a village dancing in the open-air, in what must have been a village fair or fete. I still think it is a lovely image, one of those photos that are timeless. I can stare at this picture endlessly.

I only just pulled the bubble envelope out from my filing cabinet and discovered this A4 sized print last week, having been stored away for so long. Today, the window mount which I ordered arrived in the mail, and I have finally framed it. Just need a prominent wall to hang it.