Today, about 15,000  people marched from 10 Downing Street to Kensington, where the Israeli Embassy is located in London. Women, children, young and old, Muslims, non-Muslims, white, black, asians, Jews even, people in wheelchairs, prams and strollers, rich and poor walked 3and a half miles in 30C heat to protest. Taking sides in this decades old conflict is pretty useless today. Both sides have issues. The rally today was organised by STOP THE WAR coalition of NGOs, but somehow or rather, the Socialist Workers always get their foot into these events.


Save Gaza rally, Hyde Park, 2009

Which brings me to this. I joined and supported the very same protest in 2009, January, when it was butt freezing, in Hyde Park. See, nothing about this conflict has progress, year in year out. It isn’t going to change a thing. More on the 2009 event here. I think I prefer the 2009 pictures.

Brick Lane with Yelp Elites

Brick Lane with Yelp Elites

Lone rapper doing his stuff, Brick Lane © Steven Lee

Spent yesterday Sunday afternoon at the Vibe Bar in hipsterville Brick Lane sharing a photography workshop session withe City Academy and Yelp Elite members. Yes, Yelp is a huge and popular online review site which organises free educational events throughout the world for their Elite members. Street Photography was the subject for the afternoon, or I would rather call it Photography in the Street, since there are so many definitions of what Street Photography is. We had around 15 members joining the session with Carol Edrich (professional Dance and Travel photographer), Zarina Holmes (Lifestyle and Travel, Design consultant) and myself.

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For those that have not ventured along Brick Lane on a weekend, this is the place to hang out, with bars, street food, trinket stalls, and lots and lots of vintage stuff, some of the best curry houses in town and amazing street art  and grafitti, and did I mention all the different street food from around the world too, like Japanese, Korean, Colombian, kebabs, jerk chicken, dimsum, burgers, bagels, Thai…

The Beautiful Game begins!

The Beautiful Game begins!

The World Cup unites all nations like no other international event, apart from natural disasters, wars and conflicts which, sadly many parts of the world are experiencing today. I drive past this brick wall regularly and my attention have often been caught by the simple painted goalpost on it, which is located at a cul-de-sac.

Ironically, in Brazil, a lot of football happens a bit like this, on the street and in the favelas of the inner cities. Tomorrow, Brazil will showcase it’s spanking new stadiums and amenities, to the world’s fans, despite the reported chaos, violence and strikes still ongoing.

Hope your favourite team wins!

Brazil hosted the World Cup 64 years ago.