October Surfer


You know that Autumn is here when the leaves begin to brown and fall, and when the sun sets a little earlier day by day.  October brings about a special light at dusk, when the sun sinks over the horizon, drawing long shadows and the air remains chilly. Caught this surfer heading out to join his mates on Sandown beach, on the Isle of Wight, with the pier in the background.

The Beautiful Game


Just over 40 days time the world will be transfixed once more with the FIFA World Cup 2014 starting on June, 12. With 32 finalist nations in 8 Groups, Brazil, the host country is surely a firm favourite at 3/1 odds and Spain coming second at 7/1. The World Cup unites sports fans all around the world like no other world event, and it would be a great moment of distraction from the many conflicts, disasters and wars across many regions. (Photo : Steven Lee, Villenueve-Loubet plage.)