One-horse race

This chariot-trike bike is such an amazingly simple design that can bring tons of adventure to young children. It reminded me of the 70s Chopper with three gears and the extended handlebars which I had. I used to do wheelies on it and race my brother around the local streets after school. But this trike is even better, it has no handlebars, instead, to make turns, it has a pair of leather reins controlled by the child as he or she pedals.

Promenade, Menton, Alpes-Maritimes

Hello 2016 !

Thank you to all followers at and Facebook friends. Let’s hope we all continue to make new and exciting photographs in 2016, wherever we are, ’til we meet face to face once again, surely we will.

Have a good one!


Good bye 2015…


Piccadilly Circus, West End, London

The Reaper is never late. So much death and destruction have turned 2015 into a dire year, especially in the Middle East, and Europe. Let’s hope and pray for a better more peaceful 2016.

InstantLondon : Brick Lane


Spent last Sunday photographing with my City Academy Street Photography class in London’s famous East End street, Brick Lane and Columbia Road Flower market. Both streets were heaving with visitors by lunch time and there were many tourists there too armed with their cameras. This area is uniquely British despite the many languages one can hear spoken by the crowds. It has so much vibe, colour, smells, sounds and sights to astound you, A must visit place on any visitor’s itinerary to London.

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